Guy Buttery (2016)

Released February 29, 2016 


World-celebrated musical virtuoso Guy Buttery returns with a brand new approach to South African musical landscapes in his latest self-titled musical offering - seamlessly merging traditional musical genres with ambient and groove driven psychedelia.

The highly anticipated release is almost two years in the making and see’s Guy collaborating with some of the country’s finest musicians, including Vusi Mahlasela, Dan Patlansky, Nibs Van Der Spuy, Shane Cooper, Derek Gripper, and Chris Letcher – as well as French based singer Piers Faccini, and one of Guy’s lifelong musical heroes, multi-Grammy Award winner and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman.

A multi-award winning musician and one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the world today, Guy continues to bring his deep sense of musical understanding into his compositions – his songs are delicate, yet fierce, profoundly deliberate, yet still spontaneous and playful.

“For me the record speaks of a different South Africa. One that acknowledges tradition but is more interested in individualism and finding a new voice to tell that story – an international South Africa, if you like?”, says Buttery.

The original recordings took place in a small, secluded farmhouse in Zululand which spurned the ‘Farm Demos’ – tracks that largely established the vision and the production aesthetic for Guy's 6th studio album. 


Vusi Mahlasela - vocals

William Ackerman - acoustic guitar

Piers Faccini – vocals

Dan Patlansky – electric guitar

Derek Gripper – classical guitar

Nibs van der Spuy – cuatro, acoustic & electric guitars

Gareth Gale – drums & percussion

Chris Letcher - wurlitzer and organ

Lorenzo Mantovani – sarangi & bells

Shane Cooper - upright bass

Qadasi - concertina & umhupe

Guy Buttery – acoustic guitar, mbira & ambient noodles


© All compositions by Guy Buttery Published by Half 4 Howie

Produced by Andy Jamieson and Guy Buttery

Mastered by Simon Ratcliffe at Sound & Motion Studios


Front Cover Image by Greg Lomas

Design and layout by Andy Jamieson

CD Insert photographs taken by Guy and Julia


Guy Buttery plays Casimi Guitars & uses Elixir Strings